Online brain games are fun for the mind

Playing games and solving puzzles are fun to do at any age. And they’re not just fun — puzzles are good for your brain too. Online games challenge your brain with special puzzles and games to help improve memory and keep you sharp, too. We like to call these games “braintainment.”



Your personalized brain training games

Elevate is a digital cognitive training tool to help develop communication and analytical skills. The Elevate app is known as braintraining and includes 40+ games that boost productivity, earning power, and self-confidence in skills like math, reading, writing, speaking and listening.

In 2014, Elevate was launched and awarded App of the Year by Apple. Since then, Elevate has been downloaded more than 25 million times from the App Store and Google Play.

In 2019 Elevate Labs launched their second app: Balance. Balance is a new type of meditation app that continues to adapt to your needs. And it guides you through scientifically-proven methods to improve your stress, focus, sleep and mood.


Puzzle fun for everyone

Puzzelsite is a popular Dutch online puzzle platform. Whether you like Cryptograms, Fitword or Wordsearch puzzles, there is something to appeal to every puzzle fan. You can even win prizes just by solving certain puzzles. And new puzzles are added daily for everyone to enjoy.


Puzzle apps

Keesing is a digital leader on any device

We offer a variety of puzzle apps for tablets and mobile devices. Our mobile apps features digital puzzles you can play on mobile devices like: Sudoku, Wordsearch, Arrowword, Crossword and Tectonic. Players can spend their credits on various puzzles and skill levels, accomplish challenges and track their puzzle scores.

Our tablet apps are designed to make the most of a larger iPad or Android tablet screen size. And with 25 different types of puzzles and difficulty levels, they offer endless fun and challenges. Keesing packages the puzzles and you can play them offline when you’re travelling with your tablet.

Kids also love the puzzle apps designed specifically for children aged 6-10 years old. They can use our special Quarks apps to play a fun variety of kid-friendly, mini puzzles.

White label B2B platform

Create a consistent puzzle experience across platforms

B2B businesses count on our white label puzzle platform to provide a consistent puzzle experience for their customers across multiple platforms. Our KMG puzzle platform is easy to integrate and designed in their brand style with all the latest and most popular puzzles.

We integrate our white label puzzle platform to facilitate additional revenue models for our business partners with advertising, sponsored puzzles, generating leads and memberships. Major B2B business partners who use our puzzle platform can be found all over Europe, from Sweden to Spain.